If you have completed your secondary studies and do not have previous studies at a university or higher institute, in order to apply for any of the careers offered by ISIL, you must submit a potential test whose objective is to measure your conditions and aptitudes.

The potential assessment exam consists of the following:

  • Verbal Aptitude: Reasoning of texts, analogies, synonyms, antonyms, etc.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: Numerical sequences, progressions, arithmetic problems, etc.

To register for this type of entry you must submit the following documents:

  • 1 passport size photo, in color and with white background.
  • Simple copy of ID.
  • Copy of telephone receipt (if you do not have this, you can accept the electricity or water).
  • Original certificate of secondary education studies.
  • Pay the registration fee in the Services and Information Platform.


You can exempt yourself from the potential evaluation in the following cases:

  • Upper third.
  • External transfer.
  • Graduates.
  • Qualified Athletes.
  • Diplomat or family member.

To register for any of these types of income you must submit the following:

  • 1 passport size photo, in color and with white background.
  • Simple copy of ID.
  • Copy of telephone receipt (if you do not have this, you can accept the electricity or water).
  • Original certificate of secondary education studies.
  • Pay the registration fee in the Services and Information Platform.

In case of exoneration for being a graduate of higher education or external transfer, you can submit one of the following documents as appropriate: Certificate of studies, proof of income, proof of enrollment, half-fare card, etc.

Additionally, in case you are exonerated by Superior Tercio, Diplomatic Corps or Qualified Athlete, you must present the document certifying the exemption.

As an ISIL student you can continue your career and obtain a university degree in prestigious institutions in Peru and the world.


    Agreement for graduates of the careers of Management that allows them to obtain, within a maximum period of one year of studies, the Bachelor of Business Administration BBA with various options for specialization. It can be done in the following ways: In the university ampus in New Hampshire, modality or under a mixed modality, face-to-face and part online.


    Agreement for graduates of the career of Graphic Design and Integral Communication to continue their studies with a view to obtaining a university degree. The UP community is made up of students from 59 nationalities. Students from Argentina and the rest of the world share classes and debate ideas on a daily basis, achieving a cultural integration that exceeds borders and geographical limits.


    The agreement with Universidad Mayor allows graduates of the Faculty of Design and Communication to enter directly to continue their studies in the Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Advertising and Bachelor of Communication and Multimedia programs offered by the University.


    Agreements for graduates of Management and Technology to continue their studies with a view to obtaining a university degree through the Division of Professional Studies for Executives (EPE).


    Agreement for students wishing to carry out academic continuity with automatic validation to Graphic Design, International Business Administration, Hotel and Restaurant Administration, Software Development, Network and Communications, and Information Systems carried out in ISIL , having to study from two additional semesters for technology careers and three semesters for design and administration careers to obtain a university degree.


    Agreement for graduates of the careers of Marketing, International Business Administration, Business Administration and Hotel Management that allows them to achieve the degree must study in Buenos Aires, Argentina between three to four semesters, according to the race to obtain the university degree.


    Total recognition of studies of the Hotel and Restaurant Management career carried out in ISIL, being able to complete baccalaureate studies in Hotel Management in approximately 18 months (which include six pre-professional practices) to then carry out Master and Postgraduate studies.


    Agreement for graduates of all carreers (Design and Communication, Management and Technology) to continue their studies with a view to obtaining a university degree in careers related to studies carried out in ISIL with preferential rates according to academic performance.


Do you want to study graphic design but would like to know about programming? Do you want to study marketing, but you think it is also important to learn Photography?

At ISIL you can freely choose and take five courses of any career and faculty, so that you complement your knowledge and skills with the courses you choose.


In ISIL we insure our students, at no additional cost, with Pacific Accident Insurance, which looks after the welfare of the students within our campuses.


All ISIL students will be able to learn an additional language and thus improve their job opportunities. This is through the leading international digital platform language teaching program, Rosetta Stone.

You already speak English? Perfect, then you can choose between any of the 23 available Languages and thus graduate as a trilingual professional.


Today, companies’ value personal skills as well as knowledge and experience.

That is why, together with Michael Page, an English Recruitment and Selection firm with a presence in more than 36 countries, we identify the most important skills according to each of our careers so that our students can take 4 personal skills courses developed exclusively with their work future in mind.


ISIL, always at the forefront of educational technology, offers you free of charge:



The main digital educational platform used for semi-virtual and virtual courses, with tools that raise the level of teaching and academic interaction.



The leading academic system of higher education in the world, compatible with future technologies and designed for the demands of students. Be part of our main distance education platform. Be in your classroom from anywhere in the world and develop all your activities via the internet.


As a student of ISIL you can access great discounts thanks to the agreements we have with many of the most recognized establishments in the country:


  • Is registration the same as enrollment?

    No. Enrollment qualifies you as an applicant, while enrollment entitles you as an ISIL student. All applicants must cancel an amount for registration fee. The students will be able to elaborate their class schedules after fulfilling the requirements requested by the Service Platform Department, and make the tuition payment and the first fee.

  • Is there any additional investment apart from the monthly payment, such as books, materials, among others?

    In the career of Graphic Design it is necessary to purchase materials for some courses. In the Hotel and Restaurant Administration career, the purchase of a uniform and English books is required, in addition to the expenses of supplies for the cooking classes (billed from the second installment). Likewise, the expenses generated by materials and supplies in the Food Production courses A & B 1 and 2 of the Hotel and Restaurant Administration career, are charged from the second installment (in total eight payments within the two cycles).

  • Can I have access to payments, attendance, curricular advance, grades, debts, among others, of my son?

    In the case of the attorneys, they can request an additional key through the ISIL Services form through the student. Only the key will be provided to the parents when the student is a minor. The page where you can see these data is isilnet.isil.edu.pe

Potential evaluation

  • What is the evaluation of the potential?

    The evaluation of the potential consists of the following parts: Verbal aptitude: comprehension of texts, analogies, synonyms, antonyms, etc. Mathematical reasoning: numerical sequences, progressions, arithmetic problems, etc. Inventory of personality and general skills: this stage of the evaluation will allow us to get to know you a little more closely, as well as to know what your strengths are.

  • So, all enter?

    Not necessarily. It depends on the vacancies available for each race. The results of the potential valuations are classified and the vacancies are covered by those who obtain the highest scores.



  • What are the requirements for the validation of courses?

    Once the registration process has been completed, the applicant for external transfer or graduate of higher education, must take into account the following: Present the original certificate of grades issued by the Ministry of Education (transfer of institute) or by the university of origin. Present the syllabus of the courses you wish to validate, stamped and signed by the institution of origin. To validate the requested course, you must have passed with a minimum grade of 13 or its equivalent in the institution of origin. A maximum of 20 courses are validated and the process is carried out in the cycle that the student enters.

  • What is the deadline to submit validation documents?

    All new entrants who come for transfer have a deadline to submit these documents up to two weeks before the start of classes (the first cycle).

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