Emotional Intelligence

Nowadays, owning and regulating our emotions is fundamental to develop our leadership and to positively influence our environment.

Emotional Intelligence

Nowadays, owning and regulating our emotions is fundamental to develop our leadership and to positively influence our environment. That is why tools such as mindfulness, emotional intelligence and self-knowledge bring us closer to living in full consciousness and impact on our happiness and that of our environment.

  • Focus

    This course will allow you to know yourself, as well as discovering your main strengths and areas for improvement. You can acquire practical tools to promote new skills that lead you to generate extraordinary results in your personal and work life.

  • Objectives
    • Be clear about the style of behavior and leadership that it possesses and, as a result, develop the areas of improvement found and maximize the strengths.
    • Develop the ability to empathize with the people around you in a way that builds credibility with them.
    • Acquire tools that allow effective communication, verbally and non-verbally.
    • Learn to be aware, regulate and manage my own emotions and those of others to build long-term relationships.
    • Acquire emotions management tools such as: breathing and mindfulness.
    • Empower the ability to create habits breaking patterns that generate weariness to your leadership.
    • Learn tools to take responsibility for complex situations and manage conflicts in a timely manner.
    • Learn basic tools to make happiness a state of mind.

Nicole Perret

Master in Organizational Development and People Management from Universidad Pacífico and Universidad del Desarrollo de Chile. Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Lima.

In 2008, he obtained the Certification in Ontological Coaching by The Newfield Network, in Chile and in 2009 the Certification as Facilitator in Outdoor Training with an emphasis on Experiential Learning in Colombia. Also in 2009, obtained the Certification in Coaching with NLP endorsed by the International Coaching Community. For 5 years she was member of the Board of the International Coaching Federation as Director of the Marketing area and was a Member of the Organizing Committee of the First International Coaching Congress.

She was also certified as Executive Coach at the TISOC School (Spain) and is a Member of the International Society of Facilitators (IF Society). She graduated in the Program for Business Owners of the PAD in Lima, Peru (2016).

She is a speaker on topics of Coaching, Motivation, Teamwork, and High Performance teams. Currently, Nicole is the General Manager of the company Gnosis Coaching & Consulting.

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