Performance Management and Evaluation

Do you know that companies must implement a correct performance evaluation system to their teams? It ensures the fulfillment of its objectives. Learn how!

Performance Management and Evaluation

More and more companies have a responsibility to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness to achieve the objectives they have set; this implies, executing the vision posed by the business in an aligned and coherent manner. In that sense, to validate that we are supporting this vision correctly, we must periodically evaluate the fulfillment of the stated objectives.

In the case of the areas of human management, one of its tasks, specifically, is to measure different dimensions of its employees, including that of its performance and fulfillment of objectives. These evaluations, together with other tools, will allow us to make objective decisions in relation to the collaborators evaluated.

  • Focus

    You will be able to achieve a correct definition and implementation of the performance evaluation system since an adequate system can help define the responsibilities of the collaborators, guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives and also promote communication in the feedback spaces.

  • Objectives

    This course will allow us to know the bases of a correct system of performance evaluations in 5 key objectives:

    • Know the degree and performance characteristics of the company’s employees
    • Develop a performance evaluation process
    • Teach the participant the various models of performance evaluation
    • Prepare a dictionary of skills and identify their relevance and importance according to the different positions we want to evaluate
    • Analyze the results and make decisions from them

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