Purchase and Supplies Management

Purchase and Supplies Management

Manages the supply chain by establishing adequate stock policies to ensure the provision of goods and services that permits you to reach excellent operational performance in a competitive market.

  • Focus

    This course puts at your fingertips the best practices within the strategic management of purchases, allowing you to apply them through the discussion of experiences, case development and analyzing scenarios of current purchases. The course also allows you to identify tools and opportunities for improvement that can be applied in your professional work, improving the purchasing process performance.

    Each session is accompanied by an activity that will allow you to put into practice the topic developed in each session.

  • Objectives

    At the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Identify and develop the main procedures within the purchasing management.
    • Interact appropriately with internal clients.
    • Establish purchasing management indicators.
    • Establish the parameters for the evaluation of suppliers.
    • Establish evaluation matrixes proposed according to the purchasing processes developed in the company.
    • Suggest purchasing policies.
    • Develop different purchasing modalities according to the business need
    • Negotiate with suppliers
    • Review and basic administration of contracts with suppliers
    • Identify the costs related to purchasing management.

Why take a specialization course in ISIL Executive Education?


    That allow the participant to increase their competitiveness according to their particular needs.


    What allows the participant to manage their time better.


    Because the frequency allows to raise the level of demand and make them very applicable.


    That allow the participant to take more than one course.


    And applied to ensure that the participant acquires the necessary skills in the subject.


    The content is developed in 8 sessions of 3 hours to ensure depth and mastery of the subject.

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