Prospecting and Customer Portfolio Management

Do you know how to get the competitive difference in a business? Design, direct and implement an adequate business management plan for the client portfolio. Learn how!

Prospecting and Customer Portfolio Management

The current trend in commercial areas is focused on reinventing customer and Funnel management. In this line it is a priority to have visibility of the current potential and future results.

  • Focus

    This course seeks to emphasize the process of design, direction and implementation of a business management plan for the client portfolio, and with this, achieve the competitive difference that every sales manager aspires to.

  • Objectives

    This course will allow you to know the prospecting process and the methodology to maximize the potential for proper management of the client portfolio and thereby generate commercial and market value, through the following key objectives:

    • Apply the appropriate prospecting method according to the existing business and current business challenges.
    • Understand the difference in customer portfolio management between business and consumer.
    • Know the different Customer Management Strategies that can be implemented in a client portfolio.
    • Manage key actions to achieve sales objectives.

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    The content is developed in 8 sessions of 3 hours to ensure depth and mastery of the subject.

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