Innovation Courses

Innovation Courses

Through the ISIL Executive Education center, we seek to meet training needs and professional specialization through programs that cover various areas of expertise, functions and topics, organized in various formats and duration.

  • Course in Design Thinking

    Develop innovative solutions to the problems faced by organizations and entrepreneurs, following the four phases of the design process: discover, define, develop and deliver.

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  • Course in Customer Experience

    Create positive experiences among your products or services and your customers by developing and implementing a Customer Experience strategy that leads to commercial success.

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  • Course in Scrum

    Scrum, the most used agile framework, will allow you to respond to the uncertainty and speed of change of current organizations.

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  • Course in Service Design

    El mundo está cambiando, actualmente se debe considerar las necesidades, no solo de los clientes, sino también de los colaboradores, de los inversionistas y de la comunidad, desde la misma concepción y rediseño del servicio.

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Why take a specialization course in ISIL Executive Education?


    That allow the participant to increase their competitiveness according to their particular needs.


    What allows the participant to manage their time better.


    Because the frequency allows to raise the level of demand and make them very applicable.


    That allow the participant to take more than one course.


    And applied to ensure that the participant acquires the necessary skills in the subject.


    The content is developed in 8 sessions of 3 hours to ensure depth and mastery of the subject.

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