Key Account Manager

Did you know that your main competitor can be hundreds of kilometers away? Our world is hyperconnected and customers are getting better informed. Learn to build strong relationships for successful sales management!

Key Account Manager

Meet various tools that will allow you to understand the particularities of the sales funnel of a key account, where building relationships is essential to the success of this mission.


    We live in a hyperconnected world, with a lot of information at a click away, customers (buyers, user areas and decision makers) are increasingly prepared and informed and are on the lookout for the best alternative in price and quality. On the other hand, the competition is equally prepared and this is not limited to a geographical area, our competition is anywhere in the world and there is always the possibility of finding someone better than you. So why do they buy from you? Find out with our Key Account Manager course.

  • Objectives

    This course will allow you to understand how organizations are structured from the point of view of user areas, who are the decision makers in the phases of the sales cycle and how the interaction with the sales and / or management areas should be.

    In addition, you will know the most appropriate process for the achievement of a sales Pipeline and what would be the tools that can be used to generate more leads, strategies for the conversion of these opportunities and finally, get the desired yes from your new client .

    Also, you can correctly structure your work plans and actions in each of your clients, in order to have greater clarity of business.

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