Community Manager

Develop the digital strategy in social media, sustaining and defending the relationships and interactions of your audience with your digital ecosystem.

Community Manager

Develop the digital strategy in social media, sustaining and defending the relationships and interactions of your audience with your digital ecosystem.

  • Focus

    This course responds to the need to technically implement the communication process designed by the brand, applying communication insights in digital public spaces and knowing in depth the opportunities offered by the platforms from the communicative point of view. Thus providing the necessary tools the specialists in management of virtual communities need to know.

  • Objectives

    You can efficiently take advantage of the benefits offered by digital platforms from a communicative point of view, applying the codes and symbols that audiences use to establish relationships with brands in the interactive sphere.

    You will be able to work with the following concepts applied to the development of a Community Management strategy:

    • Appropriate use of codes to communicate with the Target Audience / Community Management & Social Media Marketing
    • Role of Channels  I – Facebook
    • Role of Channels  II – Twitter & Instagram
    • Strategic Role of Brands applied to Community Management / Role of Channels III – Mobile & Branded Content
    • The role of the CM in the management of crisis in social networks
    • Metrics: Community Manager management indicators


Bachelor in Journalism from Universidad Católica del Perú, Master in Gamification and Transmedia Storytelling, Game and Interactive Media Design by IEBS Business School, and Master in Interactive Strategies and Creativity, Digital Communication and Media / Multimedia from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Interactive Strategic Planneren Atomikal, Native Digital with more than 8 years of experience creating scenarios to generate an emotional relationship between brands and their consumers and to generate business through social spaces. He has also been part of the team of Pandemia Labs, Tribal Worldwide, e! Motion, Social Media Group – Phantasia Tribal DDB and Community Manager of different brands. He is currently Director of Interactive Planning Mood Group.


She is currently Director of tripleb., Her own digital advertising agency; she is CEO of Merch Pop Store, a merch virtual store; and it is City Leader of Sofar Sounds in Lima, a company that organizes secret concerts in 400 cities around the world.

MBA by PUCP, University of Victoria (Canada) and Maastricht University (Holland). Certification in Digital Marketing and Bachelor in Business Administration.

My areas of expertise include: social networking strategies, digital content development, E-commerce, digital analytics, and new business entrepreneurship.

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